SoCal Dad To Cycle Cross-Country To Help Hungry Children

Cycle Cause 1Luke Mysse, his wife and two sons are packing up their lives to begin a three-month, 5,000-mile journey across America with Cycle Cause, a campaign to raise money and awareness for Stop SAM, an organization Mysse co-founded to aid children dying from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).

Mysse’s Cycle Cause campaign takes off June 20, in San Diego, where he will begin heading up the west coast to Portland and then across the country to New York City. His family will follow him in the Cycle Cause RV.

Five years ago, weighing over 300 pounds, Mysse discovered cycling, and attributes his weight loss of more than 100 pounds and improved health to time spent on the road. He Co-founded Stop SAM after 17 years of leading a successful branding and marketing business in Orange County. His passion for cycling and commitment to the cause inspired his ride across America. His wife, Dalia, shares this conviction to help starving children, and the Mysses also hope to teach their sons the meaning of adventure, faith, healthy living and giving back. Together, they hope to inspire others and raise awareness for children suffering from malnutrition.

cycle Cause 2Mysse’s goal is to tell SAM’s story to more than 100,000 people, raise $250,000 and save 5,000 lives. All proceeds from the trip will go towards sending RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) to children in South Sudan, a country suffering devastating famine on the brink of humanitarian disaster. RUTF is nutrient-dense, ready to eat food and for only $50, a child’s life can be saved through a treatment of three packs a day for six weeks.

Due to the generosity of Cycle Cause sponsors including Tarsadia Foundation,, Haven Gastropub, Shimano, Bike Effect, all trip expenses have been covered and all public donations during Mysse’s journey will go to buy life-saving RUTF packets.

Donations can be made via the Cycle Cause donation page. Luke also hopes to meet supporters on the road and will accept donation checks in person.

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