The Art of Organization for Busy Moms

By Christina Jennings

Home OrganizationWhen it comes to life and all its chaos, the thing that can help or hinder busy moms the most is organization – or the lack of it. Efficiency and time management are key to making it through those busy days filled with soccer practice, kid’s birthday parties and parent-teacher conferences – all before it’s time to come home and put dinner on the table. In Barbara Reich’s new self-help book “Secrets of an Organized Mom,” she cuts out the unnecessary road blocks in your busy day and creates a streamlined and organized system for all things moms encounter.home organization for moms

Reich begins her guide by outlining the four basic steps to streamlining your life. She then moves into the 10 commandments of organizing, designed to help moms get organized and to stay that way. Each room in the house presents an opportunity for improvement, according to Reich’s methods, and her no-nonsense approach to clearing out the clutter is sure to facilitate efficiency. Even though moms, with all they accomplish on a daily basis, are akin to superheroes, Reich schools them in the importance of being able to say “no” and recognizing that, as a mom, you can’t do it all. “Secrets of an Organized Mom” is a guide for organizing every part of the home, from play areas to linen closets. Reich’s book is a masterpiece that can help create happier homes for families everywhere.

For more information or to purchase the book click here.

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