NVISION Clubs Expand Learning

By Whitney Levine

When Ana Lorena Hernandez enrolled her 4th grade daughter JV Ruvalcaba in the Woodcraft Rangers NVISION after-school program at Huntington Park Elementary, it didn’t ever occur to her that her daughter would be programming robots.

“She came home one day excited about how she can make a robot move,” says Hernandez.

JV looking at her robot in motion.

JV looking at her robot in motion.

With the help of NVISION, Hernandez was able to see her daughter program robots and how she made them move. “I can control a robot now,” says JV. “We make the robot move straight or to the right.”

JV has participated in many of the NVISION clubs, including dance and arts and crafts, but found her niche when she signed up for the robotics club.

Hernandez was amazed when her daughter walked her through the process of creating a robot. “My daughter struggles to retain her studies,” says Hernandez. “To see the progress she has made brings me tremendous joy.”

Huntington Park Elementary Principal Antonio Amparan says programs such as these impact students’ growth. “It really helps develop the whole child,” he says.

“I did not have the opportunity to learn this growing up,” Hernandez says. “I tell [JV] she can be anything she wants and to take advantage of this great opportunity. We need more programs like this in schools everywhere.”

Woodcraft Rangers’ NVISION expanded learning programs are available to thousands of K-12 students across the Los Angeles area.

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