DJing and Music Producing For Kids

By Jonathan Saeidian

enrichment - DJingAs a young teenager, I always looked for something that would allow me to express myself. I tried taking piano lessons for two years, but felt that there was something missing. As amazing as it was to play music by legends such as Beethoven, I didn’t feel that I owned a piece of it. I always had the desire to perform for a crowd and create something of my own.

During high school, I began learning how to DJ and began creating my own mashups of songs. I took ’80s disco music and mixed it up with modern Electronic music to give things my own spin, and I finally began to feel the satisfaction of being my own true artist with my own blank canvas.

DJing and music production are becoming more and more popular. Classical lessons can be great for some students, but many kids now want to experience something new. DJing can allow kids to make their own live music mixes and be the life of the party. Music production is perfect for creating and managing songs, especially for kids who like to compose.


When students get on the DJ deck, you can instantly see their faces light up. No other instrument allows you to control a dance floor and move a crowd the way a conductor does an orchestra. Every student will approach DJing from a different perspective. Some like to focus on learning to scratch, while others like to mix music with live instruments.

enrichment - DJingThere are many decks in many different price ranges. Beginner-level decks are ideal for those who are starting out and want to get an feel for what it means to be a DJ. Some great decks to look into for beginners are the Pioneer ddj-sb2 and Numark Mixtrack Pro 3.

Beginning DJs should first read up on how to properly mix, and learn a bit about music theory. A great YouTube channel that can help students get started is DigitalDJTips.

Music Production

Music producers, are the people behind every new Pop or EDM track you hear on the radio today. They have become so popular that they are almost more talked about nowadays than the artists themselves. This is because most music created currently uses digital software and requires original ideas to stand out.

In music production, music is recorded on a digital note sheet where all of the instruments, beats and patterns will be added to ultimately make a song. Unlike making music with a traditional instrument, music creation envelops all aspects of a composition.

enrichment - DJingMusic production is slowly becoming more available to the general public. To give it a try, students will need to purchase a Digital Audio Workstation. Some of the most popular DAW’s are Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, and FL Studio. Even though they have a few different features, the main idea of creating music is the same with all of them. The software will be connected to the student’s laptop where they will store all of their music content.

A great website where kids can try out music production without downloading or buying equipment is Soundtrap. It allows users to quickly start putting together instruments and see what it feels like to produce. This will help the student in deciding if this is something they actually like doing. There are also tons of free websites and tutorial blogs out there. YouTube is a great source for finding tutorials on any level of experience. Professionals even use it to find out cool little tricks they can implement in their music.

Another way for kids to start their musical journey is to visit for free resource guides and to set up a private music session.

Jonathan Saeidian is a professional Dj and Founder of Take Sessions, a private music lessons company that caters to beginners and professions alike. He has taught more than 300 students how to admire and mix music. Contact him at

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