Family Products We Love – March 2018

  • Parlez Vous Français?

    The French Collection ($89.99,, ages 2-7) uses an entertaining combination of live action, animation, subtitles and upbeat music to introduce children to the French language. Covering games, the seasons, birthdays and beyond, the package includes a translation guide and lyrics.

  • Carry On Your Way

    “I Love My Purse” ($18.95,, ages 4-7) is a wonderful celebration of individuality. Charlie’s father and friends question his “strange” choice to carry a bright red purse, but he is not deterred, helping everyone around him realize the importance of being true to yourself.

  • Sleep Sweet and Safe

    The lightweight, easy-to-use Sleepod ($189,, birth-7 months) can be used for co-sleeping, baby lounging, daytime napping or traveling. It is manufactured in L.A. using organic, hypoallergenic materials.

  • Bake it Up

    Baking Class ($18.95,, ages 8-12) features 50 easy-to-follow recipes with step-by-step photos that teach bakers-in-training to follow directions, measure ingredients, knead dough, make biscuits, decorate cookies and produce a perfect pie.

  • Design in 3-D

    Ignite your child’s imagination with Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer ($39.99,, ages 8-12) an app-connected toy. Through augmented-reality technology, kids can customize their digital playhouse by coloring from 51 flashcards, then see their designs come to life in 3-D.

A 3-D animation kit, sleep solution for Baby, French language program and books on baking and individuality are featured this month. For more product reviews, visit

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