Five Rejuvenating Tips for Moms

By Jay Bradley

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Many moms feel guilty for taking some time to themselves when there is always so much to do but taking some quiet “you” time will completely benefit your body, mind and soul. And taking care of yourself is part of positive parenting. Here are a few tips that moms can do regularly to get some well-deserved peace of mind and mental space.

Cultivate a morning practice. By carving out 20 minutes for yourself in the morning to journal, read inspirational material or meditate, you are setting a wonderful precedent for the day ahead. You will be better able to deal with any stresses that come your way. Tell your kids that this is “Mommy time,” and that they can also practice the art of silence and reflection.

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Have a home spa experience. Once the kids have gone to bed, take one day per week where you learn to pamper yourself. Light some candles, soak in a hot bubble bath with lavender essential oils and put on some meditative music. Pick your favorite facemask and leave it on to nourish your skin while you relax.

Drink an alkaline smoothie. Moms are always on the go! Make it a point to blend a healthy, green smoothie every day. Your kids will also benefit from healthy ingredients such as coconut milk, spinach, cucumber, lime, chia seeds, avocado, coconut sugar, a scoop of green superfood powder and almond or rice milk.

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Add calming herbs. Try supplementing with herbs that can assist in reducing the stress hormone cortisol, and support your adrenal glands, offering a more steady energy throughout your day. Some great choices are Ashwaganda, Maca, Tongkat Ali, or Rhodiola.

positive parenting jay bradleyBook exercise time with friends. The last thing most moms want to do is exercise, due to fatigue and busy schedules. Make a decision to put yourself first by booking time to exercise with a friend. Committing to somebody else makes it that much easier to keep at it. Even a walk around your neighborhood will have myriad health benefits, and will do wonders for your peace of mind and mental health.

Jay Bradley has been a Los Angeles-based lifestyle, anti-aging and wellness coach for over a decade. He has just released his new book, “Live Look Feel,” which focuses on living longer, looking younger and feeling better. The 12-week program is designed to help people take full control of all areas of their life through a body, mind and spirit approach. Visit him online at

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