It’s Play Time!

  • Defend Gotham

    If your kids loved the movie, they’ll love the LEGO Dimensions, The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack ($49.99,; ages 7+), featuring Batgirl and Robin. Players team up to fight the Joker and his group of villains.

  • Be the Hero

    Bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio’s new book stars the greatest hero of all time – your child. Called “A Monster Mess!” the book ($29.99,; ages 3-7) features your child’s name and face throughout. You can add a personal dedication and two additional family photos.

  • Play It Smart

    Beyond Tablet ($199, additional games available starting at $19.99;; ages 3+) is a smart tablet with a twist. It has no screen, so all the games are played with maps, cards, blocks and figurines. But Beyond Tablet senses the objects and responds with LED lights and verbal guidance and encouragement.

  • Enjoy the Squish

    Squishmallows ($2.99-$19.99,; ages 3+) make great couch pals, pillows, bedtime buddies and travel companions. Choose a penguin, owl, cat, fox, frog or hedgehog.

  • Meet the New Kids

    Gabriela McBride, the 2017 American Girl of the Year, is a quiet and creative poet who wants to give back to her community and comes with a paperback book. Another exciting new addition is Logan Everett, American Girl’s first boy character. He’s a drummer. ($115 each,; Ages 8+)

We’re always on the lookout for great new toys, games and books. This month, we’ve rounded up a couple of cute companions, a couple of engaging games and a fabulous personalized book.

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