Family Road Tripping Goes Global

By Christina Elston

family travel

Kids on a FamilyGo trip to Costa Rica hunt for – and learn about – insects. PHOTO COURTESY FAMILYGO

Rebecca Bernard wants your family to go to camp. Together. And bring your passports. Bernard is founder and chief culture officer at FamilyGo, a company offering group travel curated for kids, parents and even grandparents to enjoy together.

Bernard calls her program a “camp on the road.” Groups of families visit a destination, and the children are immersed in local camp programs from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. – giving the adults a chance to explore. Families reconnect at the end of the day. Upcoming trips depart for Costa Rica in June and Spain in July.

The trips are about two-weeks long, a fit for many working parents’ vacation schedules, so parents don’t miss out. “There’s a part of us as parents that wants to play, too,” Bernard says.

But there is plenty of learning as well. In Spain, children and parents alike will have the chance to take language courses and enjoy experiential learning excursions. Bernard says this gives parents a chance to see their kids absorbing a bit of the world, which you miss if you’re just dropping them off in the morning and picking them up at the end of the day. As you ponder your summer, she has three questions for you to consider: “What inspires you? What interests you? How can we change our environment?”

Learn more about FamilyGo and upcoming trips at

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