Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses for Active Kids

By Kambiz Silani, O.D.

Football Team HuddleIs your child a student of karate? A competitive young swimmer? A baseball player for the local little league team? If your child has an active lifestyle and needs vision correction, contact lenses might be a better choice than glasses. Let’s look at some of the advantages of contact use for your pediatric champion.

More stable vision. A child wearing eyeglasses can feel the frames move slightly on his or her face with each roundhouse kick or swing of the baseball bat. With contact lenses, there is no need to worry about glasses sliding down the nose or falling off.

Less chance of injury. Eyeglasses can be knocked off the face, break, or cause an eye injury if an athlete takes a hard hit, but contact lenses don’t have that shortcoming.

Less likelihood of lenses becoming foggy or blurred. Regardless of environmental or weather condition, contact lenses remain clear, whereas eyeglasses can fog up on the field or on the court.

Better peripheral vision. Karate students can react more quickly to an opponent’s side kick with contact lenses. Contacts allow for a wider, unobstructed field of view, whereas eyeglasses might significantly limit peripheral vision because the eyeglass frames block or distort surroundings.

Better stability with safety equipment. Whether your child is a catcher behind home plate or sparring for an upcoming boxing match, headgear can be a problem for those who wear glasses. Contact lenses don’t get in the way of protective equipment.

And contact lens wearers now have the healthy and convenient option of daily disposables or single-use contacts. Daily disposable lenses offer freedom from solution care systems and storage, as well as reduced chance of eye irritation or eye allergies. Your child can wear the lenses for the big competition or for a day of practice and then simply throw them away.

Your optometrist can help you explore various options for your child athlete, and find the best possible fit for her or his “game face.”

Optometrist Kambiz Silani, O.D., is board certified in the detection and treatment of eye diseases. Dr. Silani owns and operates Beverly Hills Optometry, which uses integrated medicine and the latest in diagnostic testing equipment to ensure their patients receive the unsurpassed level of eye care they deserve. Learn more at

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