Home Decorating Tips from Gina Wade for Families with Kids

By Mimi Slawoff

home decorating

Gina Wade demonstrates how to bring an element of design to serving your guests. PHOTO COURTESY GINA WADE CREATIVE

Having kids changed the way Hollywood designer and entertaining expert Gina Wade decorates her own home. “I said goodbye to décor like the tall hand-blown glass trees that I used to set outside by the doorway,” says Wade, who has two children: Jake, 6, and Emerson, 4. 

Her company, Gina Wade Creative, produces glamorous events for Hollywood and celebrities. But her signature Hollywood-to-home decorating and entertaining ideas make it possible for anyone to have a beautiful home, even while raising kids. “When you have little ones running around, it’s easy to think there aren’t a lot of decorating options, but that doesn’t have to be the case,” Wade says. 

On the contrary, there are many easy and kid-friendly ways to change the look of a room and wow guests without breaking the bank. “Easy touches go a long way,” she says. 

Here are Wade’s top Hollywood secrets for bringing glamor into your home and entertaining like a pro: 

  • One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for any season is to build off your existing color palette by changing out throw pillows, centerpieces and framed artwork. 
  • Find tons of options at stores like Home Goods, Target and Pier 1. Look for soft décor made of material instead of glass or metal. 
  • With young kids, stay away from décor that is glass, fragile or has pointy edges. Instead of encasing them in large frames, have photos printed on canvas. 
  • Invest in basics, such as white china, platters and white punch bowls. Dress them up with seasonal decorations, such as holly for Christmas and tulips in spring.  
  • Shop for season’s-end clearance items. “I found some amazing faux fur stockings at the end of the season, and then the following year found some cool faux fur throw pillows and built off that look,” says Wade. 
  • Entertaining? “Go monochromatic and create a statement piece with different elements,” says Wade. Her favorite example: Fill clear glass vases with seasonal items of the same color, such as artificial flowers or ornaments. Add flickering battery-operated candles. 
  • For parties, outsource as much as you can. If you don’t have time to cook, get takeout and just plate it beautifully. 
  • Get the party started with a tray of champagne glasses rimmed with colored sugar.  
  • Peruse Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. 

Find more of Wade’s decorating ideas on Instagram @ginawadecreative and on Pinterest, Gina Wade Creative. Her website is www.ginawadecreative.com. 

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