L.A. Kids to Attend Juvenile Diabetes Conference

By Whitney Levine

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is sending four young students from the Los Angeles area to Washington, D.C. July 13-15 for the JDRF Children’s Congress. As California delegates, they will address members of Congress to lobby for continuing research into a cure for for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Jackson Blair, 7, Madeleine Redmond, 10, Clair Haslett, 11, and Grace walker, 17 will join children ages 4 to 17 from across the U.S. International delegates from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will partner with the U.S. delegates to convey a message to the federal government that T1D is a global problem that requires a global effort.

23023-1998“This is really amazing to join other kids and go to Capitol Hill, meet with my state senators and members of Congress,” says Haslett. “I feel so proud in making such a difference for all people with type 1 diabetes.”

With more than 150 children attending, these visits serve to remind lawmakers struggle of those living with the disease. The event will include congressional visits by the delegates and a congressional committee hearing, during which selected delegates and T1D celebrity advocates will testify.

“These outstanding children and their families all understand, as I do as a father of a loved one with type 1 diabetes, that T1D tests us every day,” says Derek Rapp, JDRF President and CEO. “Children’s Congress gives all of us one voice to urge Congress to maintain its commitment to supporting research, which is essential to reducing the burden of this disease on us and on our country.”

For more information on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, visit www.jdrf.org. To learn more about the JDRF Children’s Congress, visit cc.jdrf.org.

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