Brain Balance of Brentwood Now Open

Brentwood_Brain_Balance_-_photoNothing is more painful than to watch your child struggle. Difficulties in school, trouble making friends, tantrums and meltdowns are tough to observe, especially when you know that, underneath it all, you have a great kid.

At the new Brain Balance Achievement Center of Brentwood, professionals work to address these challenges facing kids with special needs with a program that combines physical and sensory-motor exercises with cognitive skill training and healthy nutrition. The Brain Balance program is designed for children ages 4-17 with issues such as lack of focus, impulsivity, meltdowns, trouble making friends and difficult family interactions and relationships.

The Brain Balance assessment process works to pinpoint what is happening in your child’s brain so that their specific behavioral or academic challenges can be addressed. This coordinated program balances and synchronizes left brain/right brain interaction, resulting in newly strengthened connections that trigger advancements in behavior and social and academic performance.

The new center is located at 11740 San Vicente Blvd.; 800-877-5500. It is one of more than 58 centers across the country where thousands of children have found help.

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