10 Ways To Show (not tell) Your Child Reading Matters to You

By Dr. Helen Foster James

mother-daughter-reading parentingYou’ve told your child reading is important, but your actions are far louder than words. Set a good parenting example for your child by showing how important reading is to you and your entire family. Here are ten ways to show (not tell!) your child reading is important.

  1. Let your child see you reading. Parents frequently read when children are tucked away asleep. Let them see you reading. When they see you read, they know reading is important to you.
  1. Order magazine subscriptions for family members. Magazines delivered to your home lets your child see you reading. Order an age-appropriate magazine for your child.
  1. Buy books for gifts for your family members and friends (young and old) in your life. Giving books shows your child books are important.
  1. Display books prominently in your home. What you display in your home indicates your interests. Surround your child with what’s important to you.
  1. Get library cards for every member of your family and use them. Make library visits a regular and important part of your routine. Books are waiting on shelves for you free at the library!
  1. Read to your child every day. Continue this practice even if your child knows how to read. Spending time reading with your child demonstrates that reading is important and it’s quality time together.
  1. Buy books for your child and display them on a bookcase or shelves. Short on cash? Books can be found for coins at library bookstores, garage sales, and flea markets, and, it’s a form or recycling—reusing!
  1. Carry a book with you. When you have time, read it. Discuss it. Have your child do the same. Need to wait in the dentist or doctor’s office? Be sure to take a book.
  1. Buy from school book fairs. Money might be tight, but buying just one paperback book shows your child books matter to you.
  1. Have a family reading night when the entire family reads. Turn off the television and other electronic gadgets and spend some time reading together.

The way you spend your time, money, and other resources showcases your priorities. Show your child reading is important to you and your entire family.

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