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Your child could appear on the cover of L.A. Parent, and you can enter our search online! Register ($30 fee per child), submit your photo and receive (within 4-6 weeks) your child’s photo on a mock cover of L.A. Parent. We’ll choose up to 25 finalists to visit the L.A. Parent offices for callbacks, and choose up to 12 adorable kids to feature on our cover. Enter and submit your...

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Birthdays That are So L.A.

Kick your child’s star power up a notch on their special day the L.A. way, with a one-of-a-kind celebration served up with a touch of the delicious, the wild and a side of the fantastic. Why not knock a few things off the bucket list while they’re young, and let the adults come along for the enchanting ride? Around-the-World Adventures in Ice Cream The idea began, once upon a time,...

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seth fishman

Seth Fishman: A Book for Your Kids’ Million-and-One Questions

You’ve been there – stuck in rush-hour traffic, your teeth clenching, your fingers gripping the wheel – while your precious little one pings you with a million questions from the car seat. “Mommy, why is the sky blue? How many stars are there in the whole wide world? How many people? How many suns? How many cars?” Disgusted with my terse “I-don’t-know” answers once, my son expelled an exaggerated sigh...

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tips on preschool

Learning to Let Go: The Millennial Dad’s Tips on Preschool

It was a typical hot July afternoon, so I decided to take my son Hank to the ocean. We met a friend of mine and his 3-year-old boy at Glen Alla Park in Marina Del Rey, which has a great maritime-themed playground. My friend, an intense academic but also a suitably sensitive millennial, spoke severely about his boy starting preschool. He was concerned. I tried to console him, but his...

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